Should You Buy Clip-On Sunglasses?

Clip-On Sunglasses

When you are a regular prescription glass wearer then it is not feasible to change them frequently into sunglasses. In someday, you may be driving or wanting to change shade suddenly but usually, it is irritating to make frequent changes from glass to sunglass or vice versa. Clip-on sunglasses rose to fame with the sci-fi movie The Matrix, where Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus character in the movie) wore one of its types and captivated the audience and sunglass fans.

What is a Clip-On Sunglass?

Clip-on sunglasses are revolutionized models that have gone through massive research and development since the 1990s. The legendary “The Matrix” model was the first of its kind that created massive obsession among the sunglass enthusiasts.

With clip-on technology, you can easily switch between normal prescription glass and sunglass. The latest models include clip-on that can be easily fitted to any eyeglass with their universal clips. Clip-on sunglasses offer a swift, easy and inexpensive alternative for you to look stylish and exclusive in your prescription glasses while shielding your eyes from the harmful UV rays, dust, and other airborne toxins.

What are The Different Types of Clip-on Sunglasses?

Various versions of clip-on glasses are available in the online and offline market, however, customers mostly choose online platforms like Vision Direct for affordable pricing and the best warranty solution. The type is also determined by the applications. You may either take a clip-on sunglass to put over the regular glass or you may need a brand new one if you don’t want to trouble your ears. However, 3 different types of clip-on sunglasses are widely used by customers in 2021.

  • Flip-up Clip-On Sunglass: This type is a moderately gaining trend in the market as it offers shade and protection from the top angle as the clip-on sunglass is flipped up in the upward direction. The regular prescription glass remains behind it and works as a permanent one below the clip-on sunglass.
  • Magnetic Clip-On Sunglass: One of the widely used clip-on sunglasses, they are often available with regular pairs of prescription glasses to match the size and shape of the regular prescription glass. This type of clip-on sunglass uses powerful magnets to attach to the regular glass giving your swift changeover and convenience.
  • Standard Clip-On Sunglass: The most common form of clip-on is the standard one that can be fixed on the regular glass with a simple clipping process. However, you may need to be cautious while buying them because they may not fit over every glass. The best way to buy them with the right frame or lens size of the regular prescription glass that will offer better semblance.


  • Tom Ford FT5294-CL Clip On 29K: The evergreen Tom Ford model, designed by Marcolin, features top-notch clips to propose striking compatibility with existing glasses. The sunglass also looks unwavering with a polycarbonate lens built inside shining metallic frames.
  • Ray-Ban RX5228C Clip On 2509B8: Available in 4 colors, Ray-Ban is offering its premier clip-on sunglass with highly durable plastic lenses on metallic frames. If you are a Ray-Ban fan, then it can be another great addition to your inventory. With the category-3 UV protection formula, this model is about to dominate the summer.
  • Boss 1128 Clip-On Only 807/QT: For imperial vision and anti-glare properties, you can always rely on this Boss clip-on model to enable an exotic personality. The sunglass is also designed with scratch and impact-resistance solutions that will give it a long life.
  • Prada PR 60TS Clip On Only ZVN1I0: The metallic-framed Prada model is another sensational innovation in the clip-on category. Women can make a striking personality and convenient transition from prescription glass with this terrific pompous model.

Another recommended product, Arise Collective X WWF ReefCycle, which doesn’t come with clip-on technology, is also making news among the global sunglass fans. The recycled product, designed by the collaboration of Arise Collective and WWF Australia, made out of lethal fishing nets that are endangering marine life is drawing popularity and recognition for its design, reprocessing, and delivery process with a 24-month warranty.