5 Fashion Hair Accessories that Look Amazing


Are you looking for a fun way to dress up your outfits? Now that the country is opening up more, we have more of a reason to go all out and look our best, right? Finding the right fashion hair accessories can make all the difference in an outfit.

Here are our 5 favorite hair accessories that will bring any outfit from ‘just okay’ to amazing.

Large Jaw Clips

We are loving the large jaw clips and can’t be any more excited that they’re back in style! Curly-haired girls love them because they hold your hair up or back better than any other hair accessories made. But they’re great for any style of hair, especially long hair. If you have thicker hair, extra-large jaw clips may be the perfect size to hold up your gorgeous locks.

Butterfly Jaw Clips

If you’re looking for a way to add a little ‘sweetness’ to your outfit, add the butterfly jaw clips to it. Their sweet pastel colors are the perfect addition to any spring or summer outfit, adding an air of femininity while giving you more options with your hairstyle. They work great in both short and long hair, either keeping your sides up or adding a little fun to an updo.

Small Kiss Hair Clips

The small kiss hair clips add a geometric touch to any outfit. Whether you add a circle or square clip to your hair for a little texture and flair or a heart clip for a little sweetness, you’ll transform your outfit and hair from ordinary to extremely fun.

We love to use the clips to pin our sides back while running errands or hanging with the kids and as an extra dose of texture to an updo, while it keeps those stray hairs from falling down.

Sugar Twists

Forget the boring old hair ties – Sugar Twists are where it’s at. Ponytails, messy buns, and even updos have never been so fun before. Coil hair ties are adorable in their pastel and candy-reminiscent colors while the coils themselves keep your hair up better than anything else ever has.

On top of coil hair ties being one of the best fashion hair accessories, they are a great addition to your bracelets too. We like to call them ‘arm candy’ because they are a cute and fun accessory to add to your existing bracelets.

Vogue Jaw Metal Clip

Are you looking for something unique to hold your sides up? Maybe you want to add a little dimension to your hair. The Vogue Metal Clip is the perfect way to do it. Its unique triangle shape gives your hair some depth and the gorgeous tortoiseshell colors make it easy to wear with any outfit.

How to Style your Hair with the Top Fashion Hair Accessories

Now that you know what the best hair accessories for hair are, it helps to know how to style them.

The good news is all the accessories mentioned above are perfect for any length and type of hair from short to long and thin to thick. To get the hair accessories perfectly situated in your hair, the XL wide tooth comb is the perfect accompaniment.

The XL comb is great for detangling and preserving curls or waves if you have curly or wavy hair. Once your hair is ready to be styled, choose your favorite style, up or down, and add the best fashion accessories to it for the most glamorous look in 2021.

Get your Hair Accessories Today

Don’t let another day of this year go by without the best fashion accessories for your hair. This year all deserve to go all out – getting as dolled up as we want as we get back to normal or what is now our new normal.

Hair accessories are just as essential as jewelry and shoes. Choose your favorites to add to your outfits and let your fashion sense shine as you make your way back out into the world and make 2021 your year to shine.