Fake Patek Philippe watches

Fake Patek Philippe watches

The fake watch business is big. It is estimated that about 50 million counterfeit watches are produced each year. Also, today’s counterfeiters do a better job of copying the leading brands of watches in the market, making it difficult to find counterfeit products. Watch collectors are more familiar with specific brands that can get ready for first-time buyers, but there are still a few things to study carefully. Today we take a look at Patek Philippe – one of the most respected Swiss watch brands on the market. It might not be easy to spot a deceptive Patek Philippe, and in the end, a reputable guard should probably open it up and take a look inside. In the meantime, though, here are some great things to watch out for – and always carry a magnifying glass with you. As a leading manufacturer of luxury watches, Patek Philippe is widely acclaimed, from beginners to the savviest watch enthusiasts. Patek Philippe has more than 180 years of superb watch experience and has been constantly raising the standard of luxury watches. Due to extremely limited production, coupled with high demand and high value of watches, unfortunately, there are many counterfeit Patek Philippe watches in this market that will mislead ordinary customers. Read on for our luxury watch experts, who distinguish everything you need to know from the real Philip Patek Philippe.[custom watches]

Metal quality and watch weight 

Patek Philippe designed only the best time, so it was primarily suited for gold, platinum, and some stainless steel sports. This fine metal carries weight. So if you choose a watch that looks weak, this is not a Patek Philippe. Plus, Patek’s well-made metal finish is always very luxurious. The case is very polished to add a nice touch to the table. Also, things that are a bit boring or marked are not. The gloves, straps, and bracelets on Patek Philippe’s face easily adapt to all curves and angles. Patek Philippe does nothing to capture soft tissue.

Hand, crown, numbers 

Be careful when examining crowns and dials. Most Patek Philippe fake watches do not contain a fully finished crown with a Patek-like motif. Examine the crown, pins, and numbers with a magnifying glass, and at the same time find the watch in the Patek Philippe information book or website and compare the color and length of the needles and markings. Unfortunately, prices are sometimes given so well that these little signs do not exist.

Bottom cover, Engraving, and Serial Number 

Normally, Patek Philippe does not record the serial number in the visible box. On the back of the closed box, the numbers are displayed on the back of the box. Besides, all visible sculptures must be executed brilliantly. As mentioned above, Patek Philippe is the reference standard for watchmaking, so the brand pays close attention to every detail and is proud of its engraving. Likewise, if the watch’s sapphire crystal case can detect movement and you see blue screws, it’s not a real Patek Philippe. This is one of the few brands that does not use blue screws.

Seller and price

If the price of the watch you are looking at seems too good and not true, it is probably too good and not true. For example, if your $ 30,000 watch is priced at $ 3,000, hurry up and do not leave. Also, pay attention to the seller. If you are not a reputable company and do not provide a certificate to prove the authenticity of your watch, think twice before buying.


It is incorrect to say that, even at very high magnification, everything printed on the genuine Patek Philippe dial must be perfect. Patek Philippe watches are known for their total perfection in all aspects, making it even easier to identify fake Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe timepieces will have honest, fair, typos-free prints.

  • Unlike mechanical watches, genuine Patek Philippe does not have a balance wheel or dial visible on the dial.
  • All modern Patek Philippe watches use sapphire crystal.
  • When viewed in the dark, light-coated models (such as Aquanaut and Nautilus) will have clear light consistency.[ Women Design]


  • Genuine Patek Philippe watches are usually made of poor quality materials, so they have a sturdy weight while counterfeits are lighter.
  • The genuine Patek Philippe watch case is crafted in stainless steel, platinum, or 18k gold.
  • Except for some limited edition watches, there is no engraving or embellishment on the back of the Patek Philippe case.
  • Patek Philippe’s watches have a sturdy back with serial number and model printed on the inside of the case, while watches with series back have the serial number and model printed on the side. on.
  • The new Patek Philippe watches are embossed with “PPC” on each metal and heel of the case, such as Au750 for 18k gold and Pt950 for platinum.

How To Spot a Fake Patek Philippe | Worthy.com


  • The Patek Philippe face is available in 18k gold and platinum, the strap is available in leather, stain, or special synthetic material (Aquanaut only).
  • The bracelet is printed with a numerical pattern that is unique to the series.
  • The Patek Philippe ribbons have a turquoise cross and the Patek Philippe logo on the inside.
  • Patek Philippe logo and single metal print on the buckle.
  • Each link has a Calatrava Cross.


  • All movements are performed with extraordinary hands with sharp carvings.
  • Depending on the appearance of age, the move will be decorated with the Geneva Seal or the Patek Philippe Seal. In 2009, Patek Philippe announced that their watch would be a unique brand of their own.

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