Can A Portable Hairbrush Detangle My Hair?

Can A Portable Hairbrush Detangle My Hair?

A portable hairbrush does more than keep your hair looking pretty. It detangles your hair as well. If you’re tired of the messy hair look or, dealing with painful tangles when you brush your hair at night, it’s time to add a quality hairbrush to your purse essentials. You will be amazed at the difference in your hair when you brush it more often.

Why It’s Important To Detangle Your Hair

How often do you detangle your hair? If it’s only in the morning and at night, you’re leaving your hair a tangled mess. When you finally brush it you’ll end up pulling out hairs that shouldn’t be pulled.

When you brush your hair throughout the day, it removes the tangles and keeps your hair looking fresh. You won’t pull as many hairs out throughout the day and will have a healthier head of hair because of it.

You’ll also spend less time messing with your hair. With no tangles, your hair will look as good as it did when you left the house rather than as if you just went through a windstorm.

How A Portable Hairbrush Helps Detangle Hair

If you carry a portable brush, you can detangle your hair when it needs it the most. Tangles happen for a variety of reasons, but if you stay on top of them, they won’t get to the point that you can’t handle them.

If you use the travel brush throughout the day, it’s much easier to get rid of your tangles. You’ll have less pain and it will take less time to detangle your hair. Who doesn’t love time-saving tips?

The Right Way To Detangle Your Hair

Having the right tools is the first step. Next, you need to know the right way to detangle your hair.

  • Assess the tangles. If they’re intense, consider spraying a little detangling spray or leave-in condition to soften them up.
  • Using your travel brush, grab one small section, and start at the bottom of your hair. Brush a small section (an inch or two) until you remove the tangles. Slowly move up the same section of hair, working in one to two-inch sections until you remove all the tangles
  • Move to the next section of hair and repeat until you remove all tangles from your hair.

The process seems tedious, but it goes faster than you think and when you carry a portable brush all the time, you can stay one step ahead of the tangles. If you brush your hair throughout the day, you won’t have to spend a long time detangling your hair because it will be smooth from brushing it often.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Portable Detangling Brush

Add a portable detangling brush to your purse and say goodbye to tangles. Not only do tangles hurt, they ruin any hairstyle you have. If you spend a long time getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want is a tangled mess by the end of the day.