Where Did the Name Zipper Come From?

Before zippers even got their name, they were referred to as “separable fasteners.” The B.F. Goodrich company added zippers on their goulashes and referred to the closure as the zipper in 1923. This name, which mirrored the sound that zippers produce, stuck, marking the beginning of the zippers that became something everyone knows and loves to this day.

If you have always been fascinated by zippers, here are a few trivia you might want to know:

Zippers and Their Role During Wartime

The United States Military was among the first major customers that bought zippers. The zippers were used on the US Navy gear during World War I which paved the way for the commercialization of zippers. The Navy bought the zippers and used them on the windproof flying suits!

Zippers as Fun Toys

Zippers are not just meant for clothes because they can also become fun and interesting activities for kids. In fact, playing with plastic zippers is found to help kids get used to dressing themselves and support their dexterity.

Zippers Became Part of a Historical Faux Pas

In Amadeus, an Oscar-winning movie set in the 18th century, most of the costumes had zippers, which was impossible because the fasteners didn’t exist yet at the time. if you are tasked to make costumes for historical movies, this faux pas only shows how important it is to get every single right, down to the smallest ones.

The Fascinating History of the Zipper

Zippers Made in Qiaotou, China

The majority of the zippers in the world are actually made in just one place. China’s Qiaotou region produces more zippers than other places in the world.

Zippers Can Be Dangerous Sometimes

Zippers are often pretty much safe, but there are times when metal zippers on a fly can cause some serious injuries. Take extra care when you zip up to save yourself from an awkward visit to the emergency room.

Zippers Can Break

Zippers can also break almost daily on clothes, but at https://www.zippershipper.com, you can find the best selection of replacements for the broken parts of your zipper, such as zipper sliders, zipper tapes, and more.

You Can Also Hide Zippers

Although your first thought of a zipper might be the one you find on your jeans, you can also conceal zippers. Zippers are often hidden under the fabric, which is very common for clothing such as skirts and dresses.

Zippers Can Lock

Yes, some zippers can lock into place. The pull tab on a locking slider will move only when it is lifted. As long as the pull tab is shut down, it will keep the zipper locked and remain unmoving. However, be careful if you are checking to see if your zipper locks because you might have one that doesn’t and end up with a broken zipper!

Zippers on Albums

Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stone album, featured a photo of jeans captured by Andy Warhol. The jeans also had a working zipper and exposed underwear beneath them, which was Andy’s idea as well. This made zippers earn their place in the history of art and rock and roll!