The 5 Best Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs
Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

Are you planning to buy a lift chair with numerous health benefits? If yes, go for the zero-gravity lift chair, which offers comfort, relaxation, and health benefits. The zero-gravity lift chair can put you in a zero-gravity position where your feet are slightly above the heart.

While in the zero-gravity position, you enjoy increased blood circulation and flow, assisting your body in numerous ways. Additionally, the position can reduce inflammation, reduce your stress levels, and help you relax and sleep comfortably.

Check out the following 5 best zero gravity lift chairs to enjoy these benefits.

Golden Technologies Maxicomfort PR-535

The Maxicomfort PR-535 comes in small, medium, large, and tall sizes. All PR-535 chairs have a weight capacity of 375 pounds, extended armrests, and luxurious fabrics to ensure comfort, stability, and safety. The PR-535 has lower and upper body zones that you can adjust independently using a handheld remote.

With the PR-535, you can enjoy heat and massage, programmable memory setting, a fully padded chaise, extended footrest, and up to 7 years warranty on electronics and motor.

Pride Mobility Viva Lift Escape PLR-990i

When it comes to comfort and unique features, the PLR-990i is one of the best. It features a fully-padded backrest, ergonomic controls, and four motors to power the chair. You can choose from various fabrics such as Durasoft timber and oat.

The PLR-990i has a power lumbar and headrest, extended footrest, and can accommodate up to 375 pounds weight capacity to increase your comfort and safety.

Pride Mobility Oasis Collection LC-580i

The LC-580i comes with unique features to increase usability and comfort. The soft-touch remote control lets you adjust the chair easily and program four different positions. With the LC-580i, you can select four different fabrics and 18 colors that perfectly match your home.

This lift chair comes in medium or large size and supports users weighing up to 375 pounds. You will also enjoy luxurious armrests, a quad pocket for storage, and no-sag back springs. Furthermore, the lift chair has 2 inches of foam around the ottoman and footrest, an option to add deluxe heat massage and an extended footrest for maximum comfort.

Maxicomfort Cloud Twilight PR-515

Are you looking for a powerful lift chair with advanced features? The PR-515 offers unique features that other lift chairs lack. It is packed with five motors to ensure you control all parts like lower lumbar, footrest, and back positioning independently.

Besides the zero-gravity experience, you will enjoy patented twilight technology and remote control with a backlight and USB port. It also has a backup battery, various color options, and a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

Infinity Collections LC-525i

The LC-525i is yet another greatly designed lift chair with zero-gravity mode capability. With the LC-525i, you will enjoy an easy-to-use hand control with a USB port, fully padded chaise, and dual pocket design to store your items.

This lift chair is accommodative and comes in four sizes; small, petite wide, medium, and large with different dimensions. Additionally, it has a dual-motor system that enables you to independently adjust the footrest and armrest. You will enjoy maximum comfort with a smooth and quiet lift system, foam-filled back, and lumbar support pillow.