How Important is Hair Density to Wigs and How to Choose Them?

How Important is Hair Density to Wigs and How to Choose Them

1. What is Hair Density?

Hair density tells you about how thick or thin your wig’s hair will be. Let’s clear it more. A higher density percentage means that your wig has a fuller hair look. Similarly, lower hair density means the wig will look thinner.

Many people confuse this term (hair density) with hair texture. But remember, it does not refer to hair texture in any way. Usually, the hair density of all wigs ranges from 60 percent to 180 percent, whether in lace frontal closure wigs or blonde 360 frontal.

On average, a human head has hair density between 100-120%. That is why the most chosen hair density of the wig is 120% because it mimics the natural human. To give a more natural appearance to the wigs, they mostly come pre-plucked and gradually get denser like natural hair on the human head.

One more thing to understand about the wig’s hair density is that it does not guarantee or refer to the thickness of each strand of the wig. Whether you purchase lace frontal closure wigs or blonde 360 frontal, there is a chance that you order thinner density, but the strands have thick density.

2. Hair Density Distinction Important to Wigs 

Brands always give a visual chart to the customers to give them the best idea of how fuller or thinner their wig will be.

As stated above, the natural hair density is between 100-120%, but people usually question if this is so, does it mean each human has this same hair density. Yes, naturally, it is. But it is affected by genetics, diet, and hair processing. That is why some people have thinner, and some have fuller.

It is the main reason that people focus on hair density while purchasing the wig because lush, less shedding, and less tangling in hair give them confidence.

One more thing to note about hair density is, fuller hair density does not mean you are getting the highest quality wig. Also, each manufacturer varies the hair density depending on the type of hair and texture used in the wig, whether you purchase lace frontal closure wigs or blonde 360 frontal.

So, the solution to all concerns about hair density is, select the manufacturers that sell 100% virgin human hair of your desired density. It will match the natural hair texture that will look alluring.


Wig Density Classification: 

Regardless of what you purchase, either lace frontal closure wigs, blonde 360 frontal, or any other wig, this density classification will help you. Let’s start.

150% hair density: 

Without giving an overwhelming look, this heavy hair density gives you fuller look. It’s an exceptional pick if you want volume hair on your head.

180% hair density:

A great choice to wear the wig is choosing a 180% hair density. This will flatter your style and perfect for everyday wear whether you are at work or home.

250% hair density:

It is a very heavy and thick hair density and a brilliant choice for the celebrity look. If you prefer a model look when going to the party, this wig definitely helps you achieve that look.

3. How to Pick the Most Proper Density of Wigs

Whether you choose lace frontal closure wigs or blonde 360 frontal while considering the density chart but the question of why you should consider a specific wig density and how it will be most suitable for you, let’s read some factors to find the most suitable density of the wig.

First, you should consider the hair length too while focusing on hair density because short hair with fuller density and long hair with thinner density will not look good.


Second, There Are Three Factors You Should Consider Hair Density: 


Choosing density also depends on the hairstyle you are planning to make; either it is straight, curly, short, long, high buns, or you want to let them free at your back.

If you want to have straight hair, opt for fuller density. In contrast, if you are selecting curly hair, go for fine density. Because Curly hair looks fuller and voluminous than straight hair.


It is best if you want to pick the hairstyle according to your routine events. For example, if you an office worker, medium density will suit you. If you choose to go out with friends most of the time, heavy density can be your choice. Thin hair density will be best if you are spending much time at the gym.

Natural hair look:

Suppose you want to achieve the look that closest to your hair type. Try picking a wig of the same hair type.

If you are still not sure to select the hair density, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your ponytail; if it is less than 3 inches, your hair is thinner if more than your hair is dense.

4. Highly Recommended Wigs of Different Densities for You Choose

Here are some wigs you must check out for different hair density and lengths.

4.1 250 Density Lace Frontal Closure Wigs

It is a lace frontal closure wig with 250 hair density. It is a straight hair 13X4 lace wig. You can select the length from 10 to 30 inches. Also, you are free to choose a lace color and made of virgin human hair.


4.2 180 Density Blonde 360 Frontal Wig

This wig has 180% Density Full Straight Hair Human Hair. You can get this blond wig in the length of 10 to 20 inches.


4.3 150 Density 13×6 Lace Frontal Wig

This Loose curly Pre-Plucked 150% Density Lace Frontal Wig is a Handmade Swiss Lace Wig and has Natural Hairline.


5. Where to Buy More Different High-Quality Wigs

When you have worked to choose the desired wig, you must want to have the best one. That is why a brand that holds the trust of thousands of customers, like Ula Hair, will surely be your perfect choice.

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