12 Gifts Every Independent Women Would Love

12 Gifts Every Independent Women Would Love

Are you looking for a special gift for the independent woman in your life? Whether you are shopping for your mom, girlfriend, sister, or an extended family member, independent women require special thought to be put into their gifts. Why? Well, for the simple fact that they usually provide themselves with everything they need and want, whether it’s the latest gadgets in technology or a wardrobe full of fierce and fun clothing. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t win their hearts or make them smile with a thoughtful and unique gift.

As you plan to give a gift to anyone, it’s always important to take that person’s personality and lifestyle into consideration. And, while we may have some insight into what independent women would love to get from their friends, family, and significant others, you know this person better than we ever could! We hope these gift ideas inspire you, as well as show you exactly what an independent woman needs and wants. After all, the key to getting the perfect gift for the girl who has it all is getting something that has meaning to it and shows you put a lot of thought into the gift.

Leather Planner

If your independent friend or significant other is a hard worker and they love to stay organized, you may want to get her a high-quality leather planner that she can take with her everywhere. This girl stays on her grind, so it’s important to get her a gift that shows her you recognize how hard she works and how in-demand she is. Leather planners are super chic and durable, which means that you can trust she will love it.

Wine Subscription

Whether your independent friend has a favorite wine or likes to try them all, a wine subscription is a really unique idea that will allow her to try different blends. She’ll be super thankful for you knowing that her wine cabinet will always be stocked.

A Luxe Robe

Sometimes the best gifts are the things that most people don’t want to buy for themselves but could use every day. For example, a high-quality luxe robe may be just what your independent woman needs. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s also comfortable. Whether she’s dressing up in cute plus size clothes to work in from home or she needs to throw something on in a hurry, a soft robe will make her feel special every time she slides it on.

High-Tech Gadgets

High-tech gadgets such as tablets or smartwatches could be a great gift for the independent girl in your life. She could probably utilize a lot of the cool features these devices and gadgets have to offer, and she’ll instantly be impressed with your gift-giving abilities.


A Cashmere Scarf

… Or, really, cashmere anything. A cashmere scarf is a great gift because it can be worn with any kind of full-figured fashion outfit and, chances are, she’ll wear it all the time. It’s a gift that is really thoughtful, but also very practical. If the independent woman in your life has a lot of scarves, maybe skip out on this one. But, we say, you can never have too many high-quality, cozy, and beautiful accessories.

A Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking to simplify life a little bit for the independent woman you’re getting a gift for, a robot vacuum might be a good idea. Independent women usually don’t have a lot of spare time in their days. So, getting her a gift that could take care of a portion of the housework is genius.

Fancy Coffee or Espresso Maker

If your girl is always on the go, brighten up her day with a coffee maker that does it all. Whether she likes cold brew, hot coffee, or espresso, there’s a machine for that. If you want to go the extra mile, try to find a coffee maker that matches the aesthetic in her apartment or home. This gift is unforgettable, and one that keeps giving every day! You can’t go wrong.

Frame a Moment in Time

If you have a special memory with the person you’re shopping for or a photograph, frame it! You can also frame sentiments or photographs from times that are special to this person. For example, if this woman is a supporter of the body positivity movement, you may want to find a framed print of an abstract and curvaceous body. Art prints or framed photographs are beautiful and can be styled to fit into anyone’s home decor aesthetic.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket should be on everyone’s wish list, but weighted blankets have so many benefits when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. Chances are, your independent girl is juggling a lot all the time. It would be nice for her to be able to come home and unwind while enjoying the benefits and the feeling of having a weighted blanket. This is a really thoughtful gift that she probably has never even considered buying for herself!

Dinner from Her Favorite Restaurant

The independent woman is busy. When she comes home after a long day, she may not always want to cook a full meal for dinner. If you want to make her life simpler, treat her to a gift card to her favorite restaurant. That way, she can easily order dinner on the nights when she is exhausted.

Customized Luggage Travel Tags

If the person you’re shopping for travels a lot, you may want to get personalized monogram travel tags for them. This is an incredibly chic gift that’s also very thoughtful. This would make any jetsetter feel extremely special.

A Sentimental Journal

Does the person you’re shopping for love to write or journal? If so, you can always get her a leather or a high-quality pleather journal that she can keep and use forever. Journals and notepads are always great gifts because they can really come in handy for multiple tasks—like journaling your days, taking notes at work, or making miscellaneous notes to yourself around the house.

It’s the Thought that Counts

The independent woman in your life juggles a lot, and we hope that this gift guide allows you to find a present that you know will make her feel appreciated and special. Because the independent woman usually takes care of everything herself, any gift and any thought you put in to something you give her will mean a lot.