Why Long Hair Loves Coil Hair Ties


How many times have you thrown your hair in a ponytail only to find yourself ripping it out just a few hours later?

Regular hair ties hurt, right? They pull your hair and make you feel like your head is in a vice. It’s not a pleasant feeling and it causes most people to avoid ponytails or updos because they can’t stand the headaches.

Coil hair ties are the solution to this problem! Even ladies with long hair love them. They are more powerful than they look, giving you a comfortable and long-lasting updo whether you’re working out, going out for the night, or you need your hair up for a leave-in conditioning treatment.

Why does long hair love coil ties? Here are the top reasons.

Coil Hair Bands Don’t Pull

If you’ve ever felt the uncomfortable pull of regular hair bands, you know the pain. Not only can they cause headaches or migraines, but they break your hair too. It’s common to pull your hair tight – no one wants a ponytail that falls out, but the damage it causes is immense.

Coil bands hold your hair in place without pulling. Women say they don’t get headaches and they don’t feel like their hair is being pulled too tight. You can wrap coil bands as many times as you want and they’ll hold their shape, so don’t be afraid to wrap them tight if you feel like they won’t hold (even though they will).

You Can Double Up

Doubling up on regular hair ties is never a good idea. It causes more hair breakage and more pain. But, if you have super long and thick hair, you may feel like you need more than one coil tie in your hair. You can!

Double up and have some fun with the colors. Many are available in fun colors that add a little pop of color to your outfit. One coil tie will likely do the trick, but some people need the reassurance of that second one – go ahead and do it because it won’t cause your hair any damage.

You can Clean Them

We all throw hair ties everywhere. You wear them on your wrist, throw them on the counter, and even pick them up off the car floor and use them. Regular hairbands really can’t be cleaned. If you wash them, they’re wet for a long time. But if you don’t, they have germs and debris all over them.

This is why we love coil ties. Not only do they hold long hair in place easily, but you can also wash them, wear them in the pool, or at the beach. They dry almost instantly and they are more hygienic than rubber hair ties since they’re made of eco-friendly plastic.

They Don’t Leave the Telltale Sign of a Hair Tie

This is our favorite benefit. How many times have you had your hair up all day only to decide you want to pull it down? Maybe you’re heading into a work meeting or you’re going out after work. You don’t want the ponytail anymore, but when you pull it down, you have telltale creases in your hair.

Now what?

Coil hair ties don’t leave that telltale sign. You can put your hair up and down as much as you want and no one will ever know that you had your hair in a ponytail. They slide right out and don’t leave ridges or creases, which is great especially if you don’t wash your hair every day.

If you Have Long Hair, Get Some Coil Ties

If you have long hair that you love to wear up, you need some cute coil ties. Have some fun with the colors and see just how well they hold your hair up.

Whether you love ponytails, messy buns, or fancy updos, coil ties are the go-to hair accessory that makes it easy and fun to wear your hair up. When you don’t want to wear your hair up, they make great wrist accessories too – they are cute, fun, and colorful, just what every woman needs in her life right now.