Things About Men’s Socks You Might Not Know

Men's Socks

Socks are a part of our everyday wardrobe that can be easily taken advantage of. Most people put on their socks right before their shoes then leave home for the day, without thinking much about their socks until they get home. Just like anything else, there’s a lot of things about men’s socks that you may not know!

A Brief History Of Socks.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that humans have been wearing socks since 8th century Greece. The first socks were made up of matted animal hair known as Piloi, and many cultures used animals to make socks back then. The Romans would even wrap their feet in animal skin and tie it around their ankle.

The word “sock” as you know it has actually evolved over time, just as the materials that we use to make them. The word sock comes from the old English word socc, which means light slipper. Socc finds its origins in Latin from the word “soccus” which described a light, low heeled shoe often worn by roman comedic actors. You can trace the lineage of the word all the way back to the advent of the sock in Greece, to the word sykchos.

Socks Are Made Out Of All Sorts Of Materials.

Everyone’s heard of cotton socks, wool socks, and maybe even cashmere socks but did you know that socks come in many more materials than just that? It’s not unheard of to use nylon, polyester, acrylic, and even olefins, which are materials made up of synthetic fibers like spandex. Some companies even use silk or bamboo in production!

The Many Uses Of Socks.

Most people just put their socks on in the morning and don’t even consider all the different ways that people use socks and all the applications that they can have in different people’s lives. Of course, there are the obvious applications, like wearing different styles of socks to different events. Many people prefer to wear higher cut socks when they need to look professional while wearing lower cut socks when they’re looking for comfort.

Sports teams will often use colored socks to make team lines more easily visible for the athletes during games. There are also thermal socks to make sure that you’re warm even in the harshest climates, compression socks can help with poor blood flow, and diabetic socks that make sure that the blood flow isn’t impeded for those with diabetes.

Lost Sock Chronicles.

Men's Socks

Everyone loses socks sometimes, it’s just a part of life. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “in this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and lost socks” or something like that. All jokes aside, it’s remarkably common to lose socks. On average, people lose 1.3 socks a month, and every year the average person will likely lose over 15 socks. Assuming you live to 81 that’s about 1,260 socks over a lifetime. This has become such a certainty that there is a National Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9th every year to pay respect and say your final goodbyes to all of the lost socks that never popped back up.

Sock Knowledge Is Sock Power.

There are all sorts of sock facts that you can find all around the internet. Much like most articles of clothing they have a rich history that goes back centuries. People have been wearing socks for so long that it’s little wonder why they’ve become such an ingrained article of clothing in society. Whether you’re opening up a new pack of socks, or saying goodbye to some socks you have lost, socks truly are the unsung heroes of our wardrobes.