Types Of Dental Plans In Nj Explained

Dental Plans

You may be wondering which are the best dental discount plans in NJ, which one will cover the dental care needs of your entire family, and which dental plans in NJ will allow you to choose your dentist. Dental plans in NJ can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand the different types of coverage and the available dental plans. However, here are some of the most common types of dental plans in NJ that you can purchase.

Indemnity Plans

This dental plan will cover dental care services that you have received from your provider on a fee-for-service basis. Most indemnity dental plans in NJ have a maximum allowance for specific dental procedures which are known as usual customary and reasonable (UCR) dental fees. Although this plan will allow you to choose your own dentist, it can also be combined with a PPO.

PPO Dental Plans

This plan is similar to regular indemnity dental plans in NJ and is paired with a network of dentists under the contract whereby the dental insurance company agrees to pay a certain amount for specific dental care services. In-network dentists often have to accept the maximum payable fee, but non-network dental care providers can have higher or lower fees than the dental plan allowance.

DHMO Dental Plans

Dental Health Maintenance Organization or pre-paid dental plans in NJ will often require you to choose a single dental care provider to receive all your oral health services. In case you need a dental specialist, your primary dental care provider will refer you to one. Receiving special dental care services often requires preauthorization.

Most DHMO dental plans in NJ don’t have maximums or deductibles. Instead, after receiving dental care services, you will only pay a copayment. Most of the times preventive and diagnostic dental services don’t have copayments which means you won’t pay anything for these services. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for the whole bill of you visit a non-network dentist.

Dental Discount Plans in NJ

These dental plans in NJ are the most affordable dental care plans available. This plan provides you with access to a dental discount network. Dentists in these networks have agreed to provide dental care services to individuals at a discounted rate. You pay the discounted rate which often ranges between 20 to 50 percent depending on the type of procedure when you receive the dental care services.

Most dentists accept dental discount plans in NJ because of cash flow. If they were to rely solely on insurance to pay, they would have to wait for a long time before they receive their payments. Unlike dental insurance plans which often require dental care providers to file paperwork with the insurance company, with a dental discount plan dentists receive cash that helps pay for overhead costs as they wait for insurance payments.

Advantages of Dental Discount Plans in NJ

  • Low annual premiums: These dental plans in NJ have a lower annual fee compared to dental insurance. A typical individual dental discount plan will cost you $99 while an individual dental insurance plan costs approximately $350.
  • No limits to dental care procedures: Unlike dental insurance which limits dental procedures such as cleanings, dental discount plans in NJ don’t have limits.
  • No long waiting periods: With dental insurance plans, you will have to wait before you can start receiving your benefits. However, dental discount plans in NJ give you day 1 benefits.

Dental discount plans in NJ will help you save more money on different dental care services. With DentalSave you get affordable dental services with no deductibles and limitations. For more information, call 800.580.1530 today.